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    Movie Mozhi (2007)
    Music Vidyasagar
    Cast Prithviraj, Jyothika, Prakash Raj
    Director Radha Mohan
    Lyrics -
    Release Date 18-February-2007
    Sevvanam Selaikatti Jassie Gift
    En Jannail Therivadhu Karthik
    Katrin Mozhiye Sujatha
    Katrin Mozhiye Balram
    Aazha Kannaal Tippu
    Pesa Madandhaiye Madhu Balakrishnan
    Mouname Unnidam Srinivas
    Kannal Pesum Penne SP. Balasubramaniam

    The first thing that strikes you while running your eye on the song list of Mozhi is that there are no duets in it. Coming as it does from ‘Duet Films’ that is an interesting irony. This clearly sets you up for something interesting. And make no mistake, Vidyasagar doesn’t disappoint. He delivers big time.

    To put it simply, Vidyasagar has given music as much for your soul as he has done for your ears. Vidyasagar has chosen to give seven sterling melodies that are dipped in honey and heart.

    The numbers carry with them a unique taste that is bound to show up on a cool evening when you walk, chasing the rainbow of your mind. They will show up when you play with your doggie. They will show up when your child smiles at you. They will show up on a lightless night when nature communicates with you. They will show up in silence. They will show up in a tight embrace. They will show up in your highs and lows.

    And that is its success.

    Vidyasagar has given play to all his vivid imagination knowing full well that the producer Prakash Raj would back his experiment with musical poetry.

    In the event, we have to thank the undoubted talent of the musician and the producer’s big heart in reaffirming his faith in good music.

    Mozhi is the language of poetry and piety.

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